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Greetings and Blessings to you!  Don't be shy. You are in the right place if you want to reach out and introduce yourself, ask questions, or just FIND OUT MORE about what is blossoming in our front yard...what's stewing in the kitchen...and what is brewing in the back!

Hemp 4 Healing, Inc.

Hemp 4 Healing Clinic, Inc. is a Non-Profit organization focused on educating and empowering local communities with premium quality products, current information, and state-qualified personal care for chronic conditions. 

"At the core of our mission, is the commitment to ensure that Holistic Healthcare practitioners, affiliate organizations, and traditionally marginalized groups of people have the accessible resources and contemporary digital platforms necessary to connect with each other as needed, particularly in this age of Artificial Intelligence and 'Virtual Everything'.

Each season, The N Society sponsors and showcases new artists, community leaders, and cause-worthy organizations that demonstrate a genuine commitment to ensuring valuable health information and resources are being made accessible to local residents who need them.

A Healing Arts community and SecondLife meet-up location for Real-Life patients, practitioners, and visitors who enjoy the privacy and anonymity of virtual settings and fun Avatar personas.

YHA is a nonprofit organization that provides patients with information, education and quality products to support the advancement of health care services. This is accomplished under the state approved marijuana program assisting patients in Los Angeles, Orange County and surrounding areas.  We provide services to patients in residential , health care or adult residential and rehabilitation facilities.

"So excited to be partnered with the CannaBiz V community, extending the scope of our local care services to reach members of virtual communities all over the world!"




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